Technology Resist Epidemic Disease

Time: 2020-04-19 13:04:09

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Technology Resist Epidemic Disease, Senyint Make Full Efforts to Build "Rapid Cloud Platform" to Ensure Epidemic Prevention and Control

In the Spring Festival of 2020, the sudden outbreak of the epidemic has made this winter especially cold. The dark color spread on the epidemic map is worrying, and a full-scale outbreak prevention and control war without smoke has started. Faced with the extreme importance and urgency of fighting against the epidemic, nearly 100 colleagues in cardiology gave up their holidays and went to the frontline to help medical institutions across the country to fight against the epidemic, to escort the most beautiful and retrograde ones. The epidemic situation is an order. With many years of long-distance and cloud medical service experience, cardiologists launched the "Anti-epidemic Rapid Cloud Platform" to fully coordinate the deployment of resources for free use by local health committees and medical institutions during the epidemic. The cloud platform supports the epidemic prevention and control work of users all over the country with a 24-hour response to ensure the forefront of fighting the epidemic.


From January 24th, till now, the cardiology department has set up a cloud platform for epidemic prevention and diagnosis between the health and health committees of Shaanxi, Shandong, Shanxi, Qinghai, Xinjiang autonomous region, Xiamen, Dalian and other provinces and cities, and the anti-epidemic hospitals and isolation wards for free use during the epidemic period. At the same time, it also helped CR Medical to quickly launch online consultation products mainly based on video consultation.


Relying on CR's Internet hospitals and more than 100 off-line national physical medical institutions, it built a three-dimensional health protection and prevention service network combining on-line and off-line. Based on the rapid deployment capability of cloud technology, the anti-epidemic cloud platform has covered more than 10,000 medical institutions at all levels in a short span of ten days, providing important guarantee and support for the government to remotely monitor the real-time situation of each isolation ward and provide expert consultation, diagnosis and consultation for critically ill patients and undiagnosed patients.


Xinjiang: Rapid Anti-epidemic "Cloud Meeting" and "Cloud Consultation" to Prevent Cross-infection between Doctors and Patients by Remote Consultation


On January 25th, a new case of pneumonia was confirmed in Xinjiang, and all major hospitals in the region entered a critical state. A total of 17 designated treatment hospitals, including the infectious disease hospital of the autonomous region, the people's hospital of the autonomous region, the first affiliated hospital of Xinjiang medical university, the people's hospital of the autonomous region of Xinjiang and the prefecture, have carried out connectivity testing cloud platforms to do a good job of pre-control and prevent the possibility of late-stage cross-infection by remote means. The Xinjiang Technology and Service Team of Cardiology will work together online and offline to fully ensure the smooth flow of platform information and data, and use the Internet and remote means to relieve work pressure and reduce the risk of infection of medical personnel.


Dalian, Liaoning: Rapid Anti-epidemic "Cloud Consultation" and "Cloud Consultation" to Ensure Implementation of Isolation Treatment


In order to reduce cross-infection between doctors and patients in novel coronavirus, Dalian fully implemented isolation treatment measures to ensure the efficient treatment of patients treated by medical personnel. On January 24th, Dalian Sixth People's Hospital launched the first tripartite isolation consultation. At the consultation site, the leaders of Dalian Municipal Health Committee, experts from Dalian Sixth People's Hospital and Fourth People's Hospital communicated with the patients smoothly through the remote platform and determined the next treatment plan. Mr. Wang xingwei, Chairman of cardiology international, and related technical support colleagues went to the sub-line to support the hospital's on-site work. The Sixth People's Hospital's initiation of isolation consultation can promote the exchange of epidemic diagnosis and treatment experience between Dalian and experts in Beijing and Wuhan, and is efficient, fast and accurate. Establish a diagnosis and treatment plan and prevent and control the epidemic.


Shanxi: cloud platform for epidemic prevention and control, in-depth epidemic prevention training for grassroots medical personnel and remote diagnosis and treatment services


Based on the Telemedicine Health Cloud Platform, Shaanxi Province has rapidly built a Telemedicine Cloud Platform to deal with the epidemic situation. The Shaanxi Provincial Medical Treatment Command Center is responsible for the command and dispatch of the epidemic situation in the whole province through the Rapid Anti-epidemic Cloud Platform, as well as the real-time monitoring of patients' conditions in hospitals at all levels. At the same time, it can see the remote occurrence of new cases in 131 designated hospitals in the whole province. At the same time, Shaanxi Province has held many emergency prevention and control deployment meetings through the cloud platform to ensure efficient and accurate information transmission.


Ankang City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has also held several special trainings through the platform, such as "Knowledge on Prevention and Control of Pneumonia Caused by New Poison Infection" and "Mental Health and Adjustment during Prevention and Control". The trainings have provided detailed training to grass-roots personnel in terms of the latest progress in prevention and control, prevention and control knowledge, prevention and control elements, etc. in novel coronavirus. More than 300 medical personnel from more than 40 county (district) hospitals, traditional Chinese medicine hospitals, township hospitals and village clinics participated in the training remotely.


Shandong: Rapid Anti-epidemic "Cloud Consultation" Opens Online Fever Outpatient Service On


January 26th, in response to the epidemic situation, medical institutions with Internet diagnosis and treatment qualifications across the province were required to open online fever clinics for triage of diagnosis and treatment according to the notice of Shandong Health and Health Committee. Senyint Shandong Technical Service Team actively responded and rapidly deployed the platform to provide timely and comprehensive technical support for Internet hospital customers in Shandong.


Xiamen: Rapid Anti-epidemic Cloud Platform to Set up Anti-epidemic Protection Lines inside and outside Isolation Zone


On February 1st, the epidemic situation was an order. Senyint team in the cardiology department worked overtime to set up an anti-epidemic cloud platform with the fastest speed. A remote emergency consultation system was deployed for the epidemic prevention work of the Xiamen Health and Health Committee. Experts were assisted to diagnose and confirm the cases of patients in the isolation area of the infectious disease hospital in a timely manner. The convenience of consultation during the emergency period of the epidemic situation was greatly improved, and the cloud consultation service inside and outside the isolation area was opened.


Shanxi: Telemedicine Science and Technology Fight Epidemic Disease, Fully Safeguard Epidemic Prevention and Control Work


The Telemedicine Center of the Second Hospital of Shanxi Medical University is the supporting unit of the Telemedicine Center of Shanxi Province. The epidemic situation is the order and prevention and control is the responsibility. In order to firmly win the epidemic prevention and control war, under the deployment and guidance of Shanxi Provincial Health Committee, the hospital debugged the remote system in the first place. Based on the original consultation system, it opened the remote medical conference room to the whole province and provided remote consultation, image diagnosis and other services for medical institutions in the whole province through remote medical treatment. Medical institutions of all levels and types can provide first-class medical services for patients through the remote medical platform to ensure the health and life safety of the people.


China Resources Medical: New Measures for Epidemic Prevention and Control, Video Interview Opens Air Access to Medical Care


The "China Resources Medical Fever Consultation Platform" applies the medical cloud platform of cardiology international specialty. More than 1,000 doctors in respiratory department, internal medicine department, infection department and intensive medicine department of over 100 entity medical institutions under China Resources Medical Co., Ltd. work in shifts to provide online consultation 24 hours a day. Consultation and service are provided with professional guarantee, thus guiding the public to seek reasonable medical treatment and reducing hospital crowd aggregation and cross infection. At the same time, it can quickly and accurately receive patients for medical treatment in combination with China Resources offline entity medical institutions nearby, and comprehensively protect residents' health in combination with online and offline.