Bolaa Network Pushes AI Intelligence System to Escort National Opening Season

Time: 2020-04-17 19:33:24

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With the epidemic prevention and control situation gradually improving, all provinces and cities in the country have defined the opening time. In addition to the implementation of time-sharing and peak-shifting, prevention and control of the epidemic cannot be relaxed. How to prevent and control campus risks scientifically, efficiently and safely? The AI intelligence system launched by Bolaa Network is "on duty" in many places.


According to the relevant documents issued by the Ministry of Education for primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, schools and nurseries should further refine the prevention and control work process, increase the investigation of potential risks in prevention and control, strengthen the daily morning and afternoon temperature measurement, strictly implement the daily epidemic situation report, strengthen the management and registration of foreign personnel, and ensure that foreign personnel can be traced and controlled. Based on the "Bora Campus Guard" with a certain market share, Bora Network has strengthened the AI temperature detection function to provide comprehensive epidemic prevention and control intelligent solutions for primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, which were selected by many educational institutions during the epidemic.


For body temperature detection, the system flexibly uses comprehensive temperature measurement methods, combines infrared thermal imaging group screening measurement, entrance guard type temperature measurement, hand-held thermometer, etc., quickly and accurately locks the overtemperature target through face recognition, and realizes automatic alarm, thus improving efficiency. The backstage also uses big data to conduct overall management, cooperate with attendance and visitor registration systems, correlate the temperature of personnel, establish health files, and improve the health and safety management level. The system also realizes immediate monitoring, immediate control and accurate targeting of areas with severe outbreaks, which can effectively monitor the implementation of campus epidemic prevention and control.


Parents are most concerned about the children's body temperature and physical condition in the kindergarten. Facing the kindergarten, the system of Bora AI Intelligent Kindergarten covers a complete health management module including body temperature detection. Bora AI assists health care doctors to perform rapid morning examination through an independently developed intelligent morning examination instrument. Face recognition can be used to identify children's information in millisecond level, measure body temperature with one key, and then synchronize relevant information to parents and teachers. In addition, health care doctors can also take photos and take photos at the end of the day through the morning examination instrument when necessary, to quickly check the body and easily realize two examinations a day.


Since last year, the "campus guard" of Bora network has gradually landed in the whole country. It is an intelligent campus security risk prevention and control system, which solves the pain points of many business scenes such as comprehensive prevention and control of campus, comprehensive protection of campus, real-time interaction of campus information, etc. Through AI face recognition, limb recognition, object recognition, big data analysis and other core technologies, combined with the Internet of Things terminal equipment, the system can automatically identify the trajectory of personnel in key scenes, alarm abnormal situations, and linkage between home and school to meet the needs of school safety management and parents. The system can also help schools to improve the safety early warning and risk assessment system and establish a professional operation mechanism for full risk prevention and control.


Since then, Bora Network has continuously upgraded the system and launched the AI Smart Kindergarten System, the first one-stop solution for smart kindergartens. This scheme bid farewell to the complicated product selection and solved the problems of asynchronous and incompatible data among various systems. The whole process of data unification is realized, all information is processed in a unified way, multiple entries are avoided, and complicated import and export are not needed; Data coverage is comprehensive, all information from admission to departure can be completely recorded, and precious and true data can be preserved. Through face recognition technology, the system can easily record all the details of children's growth and share them with parents while protecting their privacy. The system uses science and technology to build the most intelligent kindergarten. Children's information and facilities in the kindergarten are seamlessly connected with parents. It can also publicize relevant enrollment information to parents.


In view of the different needs of different educational institutions, the software and hardware products provided by Bora Network to primary and secondary schools and kindergartens are designed for combination of peacetime and wartime and investment reuse from the perspective of long-term investment to protect users. The basic functions of the products meet the needs of users in the education industry, and the strengthened health and personnel control functions meet the needs of sudden outbreaks. Each module of the system can be separated independently and integrated to meet the actual flexible needs of the education industry.


In response to the epidemic situation and market needs, Bora Network has launched product concessions and service fee relief activities for users in the education industry, and quickly established and deployed prevention and control systems in schools and kindergartens. Safeguarding the life safety and physical and mental health of teachers and students is always the bottom line and red line of all educational work. The Bora network is cooperating with primary and secondary schools and kindergartens around the country to face the challenges. With the most reliable products, the most rigorous measures and the best quality services, it is keeping the prevention and control positions in schools and contributing to winning the epidemic prevention and control war as soon as possible.